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“Teqmine’s AI and digital tools improve customer satisfaction”, says Mika Waris, Chairman of the Board of Leitzinger, a leading Finnish patent agency that provides full range of IP services to global tech companies as well as new startups.

Patent Similarity has enabled us also to monitor on monthly basis how our IPR landscape is evolving, something we were unable to do before in an easy and affordable manner. The Teqmine information also helped to address critical issues related to technology our business development. The Technology Map provided a clear and independent validation of the novelty of our IPR in the crowded world of lubricant patents, and has been valuable to assist in negotiations with our strategic partners.
Dr. Aubrey Burrows, Nanol Technologies Ltd
Koepala Packaging Ltd develops innovative packaging solutions for takeaway food and offers ready-for-sales packaging solutions for the packaging industry. We used Teqmine’s Patent Similarity to evaluate the patent landscape around our patent-pending innovation, and to identify potential collaborators and competitors, as well as to monitor that our patent is not infringed. The results were solid, providing evidence for what we suspected, but also helped to identify completely new possibilities. For a start-up, Patent Similarity and Patent Monitoring provides real value at a reasonable price.
Janne Asikainen, CEO, Koepala Packaging Ltd
“Teqmine’s solutions to screen the potential of research based innovations has given a boost to our business that depends on picking the winning ideas,” say Pentti Bruun, Chairman of the Board of Sentarum Neuroscience Ltd that specializes in commercializing cutting-edge scientific research. “Before Teqmine’s Patent Similarity, we didn’t have a solution for quick, credible and affordable evaluation of the commercialization potential, global competition and technological feasibility of proposals made by a wide range of scientists, as well as sufficient decision-support to make sound judgment about how to proceed with possible investment and further development of the innovation.”
Pentti Bruun, Chairman of the Board, Sentarum Neuroscience Ltd