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Teqmine’s Technology Map combines a mix of cutting-edge Big Data techniques with unparalled ease. Combining scientific accuracy and versatile analysis capabilities, it is our powerful flagship service that can be harnessed to any purpose where only the best will suffice.

Depending on the scope and scale of analysis and your needs, Technology Map can be customized from broad market landscapes to microscopic detail, helping you to make the right claims. It augments traditional cognitive IPR and technology mapping processes with powerful statistical, visual and On-Line tools, boosting your business development. And if you want to have the latest data, it has never been so easy to update. Unlike with traditional patent landscapes, you never need to return to square one.

How it works – Explained in 3-steps

  • Client defines strategic objectives and technologies for mapping
  • Explore visualization the landscape and your position therein, and receive our analysis of the nature of innovation dynamics
  • Access result on-line from anywhere to refine results and for ready analytics and graph

For Who and Why

  • Start-Ups. Convince potential investors and collaborators what you’re innovation and IPR is really worth.
  • R&D Management. Foresight that you’re investment and R&D programme is not heading for an dead end, and optimize patenting effort.
  • Large Companies. Align your business lines with your patents, and start monitoring that you’re new inventions match strategic priorities.
  • R&D Funding Bodies. Idenfity most potential and best strategies for R&D&I programming and instruments or evaluate what’s accomplished
  • M&A. Document, match and visualize rapidly how IPR portfolios overlap or augment each other.
  • Investors and Finance. Analyse industry trends and firm potential.

Technology Map’s are always tailored per client specification, and they are delivered with with our SaaS On-Line tools

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