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Patent Similarity is easy to use patent search tool, powered by world’s only AI trained with millions of full-text patents and learning more monthly.

Largest search box in the market: Search by inserting a complete patent description, invention text, or write your idea. The search box accepts up to 10 million characters.

Secure and Private: Service is hosted at Teqmine’s private servers, and
you control all your data at all times. Your search data is not monitored by us or provided to 3rd parties.


  • Unlimited searches, with up to 10 million character search texts

  • 5 MyList collections to save your results
  • 5 Automated Monitoring Searches with saved filters

  • Original patent PDF and images when available
  • Export data in multiple formats
  • Analytics & Graphs
  • USPTO/EPO/PCT patent data with monthly updates

  • Secure, private cloud with no external links