What Is Google’s AI Strategy? Teqmine Analysis.


What is Google AI strategy and its implications for other firms? Based on TEQMINE’s AI Technology Scan, we provide here a snapshop of its AI patent and invention effort.

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  • Google’s AI strategy is to create strong capabilities and patent positions in core data science and computer technology areas.
  • If successful, Google’s AI technology and patents will have implications across wide range of technologies and business.
  • Google’s AI patent effort increases currently faster than Google’s other patenting, and the difference is increasing, demonstrating AI’s importance for it.
  • Google aims to create enabling and platform technologies, and AI directly applicable to specific business domains (e.g. smart traffic or payments) is of secondary importance.
  • Google ranks currently among three largest AI patentees (2018 – prediction) with Microsoft and Samsung.
  • Google has intensified significantly it’s AI innovation and patent effort in the last few years.
  • AI patent effort is increasing currently, but it did dip significantly 2014-2016.
  • AI is currently key innovation and patent area for the company, and it’s investment in the technology is likely to continue.
  • Google’s AI innovation ecosystem is heavily concentrated in the Silicon Valley, but includes hubs also in the UK, Switzerland and China.
  • Overseas AI hubs are of declining importance for its patent effort.
  • Note about data, sources and graphs: All data from TEQMINE’s AI Technology Scan (May 2018). Patent data from USPTO/EPO/PCT.

Google AI Patenting 2017-2018. Note: 2018*=Estimate

Google AI Patenting vs Other Patenting. Note: 2009=100

Google Artificial Intelligence patent and innovation focus.

The IPC Technology Class Focus of Google Artificial Intelligence Patenting

Google AI Inventor Hubs by Country