TEQMINE is proud to have contributed to Business Finland study on emerging digital service and care solutions for diabetes. The project was lead by Muotohiomo, and Teqmine contributed by establishing a patent and technology landscape of digital solutions in the diabetes space.

Key insights:

  • Overall patenting in Diabetes – Digital Care&  Wellness space is increasing, and totalling some 6000 applications in 2018.
  • AI and Machine Learning patents for Diabetes care total some 3000, and are likely to reach 200 in 2018.
  • Technologal change is very rapid and intense. Diagnostic technologies are merged with computer and software technologies.
  • Range of smaller emerging technologies and business domains are visible (AI, early diagnosis, predictive care).
  • Old and new firms compete intensely. The industry patents are applied for by a wide range of companies, old and new, large and startups.
  • Patents are increasingly important for new business and growth areas.
  • Growth Areas are specific, small and emerging. They include:
    AI and Machine Learning for Diabetes. This group involves much ”wearable” type of inventions.
    Early Detection of Diabetes. This includes also a range of “life style” related solutions.
    Solutions for type 2- Diabetes. This group includes medical diagnosis and treatment inventions, but increasingly also “life style” related solutions.
  • Competition is focussed on highly specialized technology and business segments.
    In contrast, competition in established or old technology areas is markedly slow or declining.

Download reports:

  • Diabetes – Digital Care Solutions – Patent and Technology Landscape. Download the report here.
  • Selvitys Diabetes-hoitopolusta, kehittämistarpeista ja kansainvälisistä liiketoimintamahdollisuuksista. Download the report (only in Finnish) here.
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