Meet Teqmine at the EPO PIC2018

2018-11-07T08:55:27+02:00 November 7th, 2018|artificial intelligence, News, Patent analysis, Patent Examination, Patent intelligence, Presentation|

Meet us at the European Patent Organization annual Patent Information Conference 12-14th November, Brussels, Belgium. Exhibition Area: Booth#15. Free Seminar: Towards deep and predictive artificial intelligence for patent and technology analysis Wednesday 13th November, 2018, 17.00-18.00 hrs Room: Exploration Hannes Toivanen, Teqmine Analytics Ltd This workshop will detail Teqmine's award-winning work on how AI impacts [...]

What The Next Generation AI for Patent Search Will Look Like

2018-11-05T11:42:09+02:00 November 5th, 2018|News|

Advancing new approaches and techniques for more sophisticated AI/ML applications for patent search and to assist innovators is the key mission of Teqmine. This video, shot in our lab, details hierarchical clustering of some 20,000 drone / uav patents. Teqmine's AI reads the full-text description of each one of these patents, whether they [...]

White Paper: AI for Mobility and Smart Traffic Patent Landscape

2018-11-05T10:46:04+02:00 November 4th, 2018|News|

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FOR MOBILITY AND SMART TRAFFIC White paper: Download Here AI innovation and patenting on mobility and smart traffic is increasing quickly. AI for mobility and smart traffic is one of the fastest emerging innovation and patent frontier within AI. Patent applications have doubled 2016-2018, and will reach about 2000 in 2018. [...]