Automated and Artificial Intelligence assisted SaaS solutions to identify what matters for your most important business  and investment decisions.

Why technology and IPR intelligence must not be frustrating, fuzzy and expensive anymore. The combination of easy-to-access and optimized large-scale patent data and our data mining innovations enable us to offer high-accuracy technology and patent intelligence at a very competitive prices when compared to your employees or consultants carrying out time-consuming searches in on-line databases.


Teqmine offers AI powered solutions to analyze, visualize, document, and continuously monitor inventions or critical technologies, and empowers you to make informed decisions. We provide service, results and data, not another patent search engine.

Teqmine Patent Similarity Dashboard

Teqmine services are based on two Big Data innovations:

Technology Map

  • Text mining and statistical profiling to extract what matters from millions of full-text patents
  • Big Data analysis, Visual Maps and Decision-Support tailored to your specific needs
  • Ready analytics and graphs with customization options
  • Cloud Service. Use and share on-line.
  • Automatic updates with latest patent data.
  • For who: Technology Scanning, Large firms, startups, R&D planning and monitoring, VC, etc.

Patent Similarity

  • Artificial Intelligence takes care of the first and most substantial step in IPR search by discovering contextual similarities, and find all potentially relevant patents accurately
  • Archive important patents to MyLists with integrated analytics
  • Ready analytics and graphs with customization options
  • Cloud Service. Use and share on-line.
  • Automatic monthly updates with latest patent data.
  • For what: Patent monitoring, invention disclosure review, FTO, Prior-Art and other research, Large firms, startups, Patent attorneys, business consultants, etc.


Teqmine solutions simplify and automate the management of your technology and IPR intelligence. We provide you with cutting-edge-tools and ready analytics on all aspects of your business and innovation, and let you focus on what matters by eliminating redundant work effort. Whether you have one or thousands of inventions to watch after or must scout a range of emerging technologies, we provide you with ease-to-use solutions.


Teqmine’s powerful discovery capabilities are based on complex probability models built on detailed analysis of millions of full-text patents. We deploy advanced natural-language processing and machine-learning data-mining algorithms with an almost unlimited processing volume.
We obtain raw patent data (USPTO/EPO/PCT) directly from issuing offices and re-package it for optimal data mining, and can mix this data with any client provided data on small or large-scale.